Why A CMS Works For A Lot Of Businesses

Most small business owners have no desire to learn how to build websites. To be honest, it takes a lot of time to learn the skills. You can’t just pick up a book one day and become an expert. A certain level of trial and error is necessary for the learning process. And you have to spend the time building a few websites to see all the different problems you can run into. Most small business owners have better things to do.

So, is it possible then to have a website without having to build it yourself and be able to update it on a regular basis without having to pay someone to do that for you? Yes. And it’s called a content management system (CMS).

Of course, there are a lot of CMSs on the market and which one is right for you could take a few more blog posts to figure out. However, that’s not the focus on today’s post. Let’s just talk about the benefits of a CMS.

Regardless of which CMS you settle on for your website, someone will need to design the site itself. Most CMSs come with skins and themes. Those are usually free, but you can also purchase some that offer additional bells and whistles, or advanced features. Do your research to find out what is best for you. A third alternative is to hire a web designer who is familiar with your CMS to design you an original website.

Once the design work is done, that phase of the web development process is finished. Should you now write your own content? I don’t recommend it. I recommend that you hire a website content writer who is familiar with search engine optimization to write your initial content. After that you can begin to update your website yourself, but you will need some instruction in the CMS.

Either have your SEO or CMS web designer teach you how to update your website, take a tutorial or hire a mentor/instructor to walk you through it. But familiarize yourself with the CMS and you can begin to update your own web pages. Be sure, however, that you familiarize yourself with SEO best practices.

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