Nutrients to Create a Healthy Web-Based Business

Here at LeapGo, we recommend that you take a look at the whole picture when designing your web marketing formula. Just like your body suffers when you neglect providing it the nutrients that it requires, your web-based business will also endure hard times and possibly failure if you fall short on paying adequate attention to the cause and effect nature of internet marketing.

The Bread of Your Web Presence: Your Website

In order to succeed in the aggressive business world you just have to have a website. Every effort that you make in marketing your online business should direct visitors to the website which will actually make the sales presentation, conquer objections and close the sale. A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs think that if they have website, their web presence is completed. Far from it! Just like your body won’t thrive on bread alone, neither will your internet-based business.

You’ve Got to Add Some Meat to the Plate: A Blog

Unlike the website that provides the details of your products or services and a call-to-action, the blog is central to your web marketing efforts. It is intended to be a resource to visitors. In order to get the best results from a blog, it is essential that you provide useful information and answer questions that visitors ask about the topics that you select to discuss. The point in adding a blog to your website is actually to build relationships with your visitors and to become the expert that they will trust and will return to when they need something that you have discussed.

Don’t Forget the Veggies: Social Media and Social Bookmarking

There are actually several people who refuse to eat vegetables. I assure you, over time, they will definitely feel the effects of malnutrition. The same goes for social media and social bookmarking. There are so many internet entrepreneurs who have found that social media sites (such as Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn…) and social bookmarking sites (such as and StumbleUpon) are invaluable for producing business. While participating in social media sites and bookmarking sites can be time-consuming, if you have a strategy in place and stick to it, you too will realize the value.

Enjoy the Fruit: Free Traffic

Unlike veggies, most people enjoy fruit and without a doubt, internet marketers love free traffic. Free traffic comes from search engine optimization. Without it, you are pretty much wasting your time and money. A well-optimized website and blog does the trick of bringing traffic (the heartbeat of your business) to you without added costs. Search engine optimization is simply wonderful and in some businesses (that are not facing an extremely competitive market) it may actually be the magic that you are looking for; however, for most businesses search engine optimization alone doesn’t do the trick.

You’ve Heard the Saying That Milk Does a Body Good: Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Some webmasters depend solely on search engine optimization and from time to time they get left in the dust. It is an ongoing task to keep your website or blog in the top of the search engines as there are thousands of websites and blogs launching daily. In competitive markets the problem is even worse. At any rate, a pay-per-click campaign will act as a redeemer in such times. However, if you depend on PPC alone for traffic, it will create an outrageous outflow of money from your business.

Dessert Makes a Life Worth Living: Article Marketing and Email Marketing

Article marketing and email marketing are tried and true ways to develop new leads and to stay in contact with previous visitors. Both of these marketing methods hold value for any business.

While one form of these excellent marketing methods will not assure you success, combining these six tried and proven strategies will definitely improve your chances of making a living on the internet. Each of them are indispensable strategies that profitable web-based businesses use.

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