Long Tail SEO And The Mayday Update

The latest buzz in search engine optimization is a recent algorithm update that is being called “Mayday”. The update is a Google algorithm update and focuses on long tail search queries. Specifically, the update gives a boost in rankings to larger, poorly optimized websites that are relevant to a particular long tail search query. The flip side is this: Someone whose site is well optimized for the long tail phrase will see a fall in rankings.

These are the types of updates that, on the one hand, have you scratching your head, but on the other hand praising the God of Google.

First, you have to wonder, if the sites are poorly optimized then don’t they deserve to fall to the bottom of the search ranking pile? After all, it’s all about optimizing your web pages well, right? Well, not exactly.

And that brings me to my next point, praising Google. The search engine is concerned about the same thing it’s always been concerned about. That is, delivering quality relevant search results to searchers. So if these poorly optimized websites do that then Google is maintaining its integrity. There is no guarantee, of course, that a well optimized web page will achieve high rankings.

You should probably read that last sentence again. There’s no guarantee that your well optimized page deserves a higher ranking. That makes it more difficult to perform SEO, but it also makes the web a more interesting place.

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