Keywords: Tactics That Can Kill Your Website

This is part 2 in a series of 3 articles that explore the key factors that must be understood when choosing the right keywords for your business. Here’s a list of other articles in this series:

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While using keywords is important to attracting targeted traffic, overloading your website or blog with them will cause you to get penalized or even banned by the search engines. As an internet publisher, the web crawlers are your bread and butter. When you create & maintain a professional website, they will respond accordingly. If you try to trick them, detrimental consequences will prevail.

Techniques to Avoid

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing became a technique to trick the search engine spiders into thinking that the site had value when most times it was really just unrelated junk that practically nobody would want to see. The black hat techniques got websites to the top of the search engines, but diminished the enjoyment of the people who were browsing for information. This tactic simply does not work and will land your website far beyond the reach of any search engine user. Stick with creating valuable content for your visitors and your keywords will naturally appear.

Publishing Invisible Text or Unreadable Text

Some of the shunned black hat techniques included placing keywords in invisible text or unreadable text simply to attract the search engines. Unbelievably there are still sites we stumble upon that do this. Search engines are smart enough to know whenever you’re trying to trick them. If you need to hide your text it’s obviously not very valuable to a visitor. Stick with stuff you actually want someone to read.

Using Unrelated Keywords

Another bad tactic is using unrelated keywords in your tags and content. The purpose of keywords is to match your offering with targeted visitors. The words that you use should be related to what your site or blog has to offer. If they are unrelated, even in the slight chance you do rank for them, what do you think your conversion rates will be?

Focus on Using Friendly Techniques

When marketing on the internet, it is important to realize that the searchers are the search engines’ customers. The search engines’ mission is to satisfy those customers. As a professional website or blog owner, pleasing those customers with the quality information that they are looking for should also be your goal.

Choosing the right keywords for your business requires research, target market knowledge and a basic understanding of how to analyze keywords to determine which ones will be beneficial to your purpose. Next, you have to know how to use them.

To be search engine friendly, you should place keywords in the meta tags (title & description ), in the headline, and throughout the text. It also makes sense to include them in links, in the URL, and in alt image tags.

There is a lot of talk about keyword density along with “specialized techniques” for including “enough but not too much” of these precious jewels; but all the search engines really want is real content that is beneficial to the people who are searching for it. Using the keywords naturally is the best practice. You can double check your content to make sure that the keyword density ranges between 2% to 5% percent. If your web copy reads naturally then you should have nothing to worry about.

If you make an effort to produce the results that the visitors and the search engines desire, while appropriately using keywords that will attract traffic to your site or blog, it will prove to be beneficial to your business mission. Don’t get caught up in the “hacks & tricks” that are so freely given on the internet. Optimizing a website or blog is not rocket science. It is actually pretty simple if you keep it real.

Bottom line: Don’t do anything Grandma wouldn’t approve of.

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