Is WordPress Right For My Company’s Website?

It remains one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry:  WordPress is for bloggers.  That sentence couldn’t be farther from the truth.  WordPress has come such a long way since it’s humble beginnings as (of course) a blogging platform.  Today the WordPress platform is one of the most versatile and practical around the web.  In fact, according to web technology survey company W3Tech, over 20% of all websites are powered by WordPress.

While WordPress is still used as an inexpensive platform for small-time bloggers, it’s also designed for larger companies that want to grow!

You see, WordPress is a blank canvas that can be used for just about anything by almost anyone, including many enterprise level companies.  There are many reasons why:

Extremely Versatile

Due to its open-source platform, the website you want (or what your business needs) is only limited by your imagination.  WordPress can be used for ecommerce, gaming, corporate microsites, apps, crowdfunding, and pretty much any other website you can think up.  It’s consistently reliable and there are heaps of resources to help you get started.

The most impressive thing about WordPress is the community that supports it.  There are tens of thousands of people who design, develop, consult, and manage WordPress websites and associated plugins.  When starting your website, you can choose from one of their many off-the-shelf themes (over 2,000) which are quick and easy to install or you can opt for a completely customized experience to differentiate your website from your competitors.

Infinite Scalability

Many small- to mid-size businesses worry about a website platform that can keep up with their potential growth.  What you may not realize is that WordPress offers infinite scalability so no matter how big you get, your website can grow with you.  For example, huge companies like fashion retailer Bata, news company Metro UK, and celebrity chef Mario Batali already use WordPress as their platform of choice.

Intuitive Features

Once your WordPress website has been constructed, the next challenge is managing the website – uploading new product information, posting new blogs, creating new landing pages, manipulating content for SEO, and all the other everyday tasks that websites require.  Fortunately, the WordPress interface has a great set of easy-to-use features and an intuitive layout.  Because it takes a relatively short time to master, it allows you more time to focus on other imperative tasks.

In addition to its standard features, WordPress offers something else that businesses love:  plugins.  Like the apps on your smartphone, WordPress plugins can be added at will to give your website the extra functionality it needs.  Looking for SEO help, sales tools, or extra security measures?  Choose from almost 30,000 available and exceptional plugins!  All this is possible without any deep html knowledge or FTP usage.

Easy Management

Another reason why WordPress is a great choice for many websites is because the entire system is easily managed.  You can log in to your website from any computer anywhere in the world and make simple updates to your site.  You can also wield strong control over the roles and access of team members.

Managing your content is just as easy as managing your people.  The built-in blog means you can start your content marketing initiatives immediately and handling reader comments and questions is a smooth process.  Creating new pages, page titles, and tags are easy to do and search engines love WordPress websites because they’re easy to crawl.  On top of that, since you can create your own website design, you can give your customers the best experience possible too.

Things To Consider

Like anything, WordPress is not perfect and there are potential pitfalls.  First off, WordPress’ popularity and open-source nature mean it is a more likely target of malware.  This is especially the case when there is minimal security involved during the installation and setup of your website.

There is also a risk with plugins. With almost 30,000 available, it’s easy to go slap-happy downloading and installing every interesting plugin you see.  Having too many plugins can slow down your page uploads and some come with their own security holes.  Plus when you update the main WordPress program, many plugins can break or disengage, making it a hassle to constantly fix these issues and your website.

Getting Started

Despite the considerations, WordPress offers unlimited options, infinite scalability, strong reliability, an intuitive interface and easy management that are hard to pass up.  It’s no wonder that so many non-blogging companies have chosen it as their go-to platform.  Now if you ask yourself again, “Is WordPress right for my company’s website?”, the most likely answer is yes, it just may be.

If you’re looking for help to create or improve your website, you’ve come to the right place.  LeapGo develops, designs, and manages content for companies who are interested in WordPress websites.  If you’ve got a challenge, LeapGo’s WordPress Design Service has the solution for you.

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