AdWords Extensions that Make a Real Difference to Your Clicks & Conversions

Many of our clients use AdWords to direct targeted traffic to their company websites. If you’re reading this, you probably do too. AdWords, for all its benefits, involves a lot of work. It’s not just a question of picking a few keywords, throwing some ads together, and seeing what happens.  But get it right, and you could be onto a real winner.

If you’re at the stage where you’ve got your ads running and things have been going well, but now you want to give your campaign a boost, it’s time you started experimenting with AdWords Extensions.  Different Extensions work in different ways, but they all essentially provide you with a way to include additional information in your ads.  Think of it like this: In newspaper classifieds, some advertisers use red circles or larger copy to attract eyeballs, and extensions follow the same principle.  Used well, they can get your ads noticed by the right people, leading to more clicks, lower CPC, and higher conversions. There are many Extensions (check them all out here). But I have a few favorites, and I’ll be going over four of these in this post.

1. Callout Extensions

I talked about Callout Extensions when they first came out towards the end of 2014, and they are still one of my favorite Extensions.  These are short bits of copy that you can position under your ads to make them stand out, like so:


One of the reasons I like these so much is because they are easy to use. They don’t require links or landing pages. They simply highlight the features and benefits that make your ad worth clicking on.  What should you use these for?  Focus on what makes your service stand out from the competition. Your ad could appear with 10 other ads that all offer the same or similar products or services, so think about how you can make your ads stand out.  It could be something unique to your product like “Unique Design” or “Fastest Solution.” Or it could be a more general benefit like “Free Shipping” or “30-Day Guarantee.”  You can also use them to qualify your customers by including features that will only stand out to people who are searching for exactly what you are providing.

2. Sitelinks Extensions

These involve displaying extra links to a selection of landing pages on your site, like this:


Sometimes they show up as links, like in the above example. Other times they show with extra text below them, like this:


You can set them up to show with text, but you cannot determine whether they will display the text. This is something that Google will decide. However, make sure you format them to display both options.  There is more work involved in these Extensions because you need separate landing pages for each link. You cannot simply link each one to your standard landing page.  They are ideal for directing searchers to a specific product or product range, a special offer you are running, your contact page, your best sellers, new arrivals, etc. Despite the extra work involved in creating landing pages, this is one Extension I would always recommend you experiment with, even if you don’t bother with the others.

3. Review Extensions

These Extensions allow you to insert third-party reviews into your ads. (No, you cannot use reviews from your own site!)  As a form of social proof, reviews are powerfully persuasive. Everyone checks out reviews online before purchasing things, and now you can show them what they are looking for within the search results.

Review Extensions display as gold stars, like this:


These really make your ads stand out, perhaps more than any other Extensions. After all, they are the only way to add color to your ads. And if you’ve got good reviews from sites like TrustPilot, eKomi, Feefo, TrustRadius, and other sites that have been approved by Google, you should be using them every way you can.

4. Location Extensions

This one is for local businesses. If you want to attract clicks from customers in your local area, these Extensions are well worth experimenting with.

With these, you can display your address, telephone number, and a map marker, like this:


You can even include a direction link on mobile ads so that people in the area can get clear directions how to find you.  These have been around for years, and I would seriously recommend trying them out if you have local customers.  They give searchers a clear idea of where you are located, so use them when you want people to visit your store in person. And as with all extensions, they help your ads to stand out more.  You can also add multiple addresses, for which you will need to link your account to Google My Business.

Experiment with Extensions

As I mentioned at the start, there are more Extensions you can use. For example, App Extensions allow you to add a download link to your app. Call Extensions are really exciting. With these, you can add your number directly to your ad to display in mobile search results, then searchers can call you directly by clicking the number.  Extensions are free to use, so try them out in your campaign. While some like Callout Extensions are quick, easy, and suitable for most companies, others like Local Extensions may or may not be suitable.

To get started, I recommend you search for your keyword terms and see what shows up. How many of your competitors are using AdWords Extensions? Are they using Extensions you would not have thought of using?  Get an idea for what is happening in your niche, and then choose a few to start with.

Whether you use the ones described in this post or any of the others, try them out and start testing. If there is a chance you could be increasing your CTR and CPC, it makes sense to try it out.