A Complete Guide to Using Social Media Hashtags for Business

Have you made social media hashtags a part of your marketing strategy yet?

You may have already come up with a hashtag for your business or product. You think “that’s good enough” and go with it. You use it in a few posts, and that’s it right?


Hashtags aren’t a laissez-faire type of thing. And they aren’t just a trend that needs to be adopted. They’re a means of communicating and expanding your business on social media.

social media hashtags

The topic of social media hashtags deserves more attention from marketers, which is why we wrote this post.

Consider this to be your ultimate guide to using social media hashtags for business.

This comprehensive guide is written for people of all experience levels, from hashtag novices to experienced hashtag users. There should be some useful information here for everyone.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in the guide:

  1. What are hashtags?

  2. How do social media hashtags work?

  3. Different marketing strategies involving hashtags

  4. The different types of hashtags

  5. How to create your hashtag

  6. Tips for using hashtags

  7. How to find good hashtags for your business

What Are Hashtags?

If you’re reading this guide, then you might be wondering “what exactly are hashtags?”

what are social media hashtags

A “hashtag” once represented a simple pound sign or hash mark, then came along social media and it made this mundane mark its own.

A hashtag on social media is a keyword or phrase preceded by the hash symbol (#). A hashtag is spelled out without spaces.

People search hashtags on their favorite social media websites to discover more of what they’re interested in.

What Was The First Hashtag?

Twitter was the first major social media site that used hashtags and where hashtags are most widely used today.

Here’s the first ever Twitter hashtag in all its glory:

first hashtag

Now, whatever social media website you go on, hashtag usage is common.

So What?

But this is hardly a reassuring fact if you aren’t familiar with hashtags. In fact, you might be weirded out by how common they’ve become.

At one point you might’ve decided just to avoid them like the plague.

After all, as far as you’re concerned, hashtags and the people who use them are from another world. A world that’s optional to be a part of.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re trying to market your business on social media, then social media hashtags simply can’t be ignored.

After you finish reading this post, you’ll understand their importance. And then you’ll want to master using them.   

How Do Social Media Hashtags Work?

First of all, you have to understand the usefulness of hashtags. They aren’t just a cool trend. There are many practical uses for social media users.

Hashtags are used to group together posts about a particular topic.

social media hashtags

For example, any post that includes the hashtag #sportsapparel will appear in social media search results for the search term #sportsapparel. This helps the searcher find and participate in discussions about sports apparel.

Hashtags also have many practical uses for your marketing.

  1. You can categorize your social media posts based on topic, purpose, or marketing campaign.

  2. You can