5 Popular Business Web Design Trends in 2015

Marketing and technology will always keep marching forward, but 2015 is a pretty exciting time for the world of business web design. Let’s take a look at five design trends that have really caught fire – and how they might help you strike some sparks of your own!

1. Attention-getting Background Images

The prevalence of mobile devices is pushing web designers toward making larger visual statements. One of the most common ways of achieving that is by greeting visitors to the site with an impressive full-screen image. These oversized images don’t necessarily have to take the form of still pictures, by the way. Full-motion video has grown increasingly popular now that bandwidth and processing speeds have made it practical. Visitors feel as if they’re stepping into a movie, or perhaps a window leading into your business.

Every yin has its yang, so it’s only logical that the move toward large, visually overwhelming images might spawn an equal and opposite reaction toward, well, nothing at all. Actually, that isn’t the best description. Some websites sport the same big, bold headers you’d see as part of a large opening image, only without the image backing it up; the text stands out against an empty field. In a cyber-universe full of photography and video, the sheer stillness and clarity of this approach sets these sites apart from their competitors.

2. Minimalistic Interfaces

Sometimes less truly is more, and you can expect to see more of less throughout 2015. Simple, uncluttered page designs and soothing color schemes entice visitors to stop, settle down, relax, and experience your online presence carefully. A few imaginatively placed buttons here and there provide the necessary navigation options without interfering with the overall effect. Some designers are even hiding the home page content behind an “Easter egg” that manifests itself as some obvious part of the opening image or layout. Veteran app users are accustomed to this means of seeking out information, so as long as you make it clear where they’re supposed to click, you can still make certain that they do your bidding.

3. Grids, Tiles, and Other Unusual Shapes

Who says you have to set your website’s content into the same old boring columns and blocks that designers have been using since the Web was new? Designers are now exploring all kinds of fascinating layout options. These include grids of uniform rectangles, tiles of various shapes and sizes plastered across the screen, and round “thought bubbles” containing different types of content. You can also go full-screen with individual services, case studies and so on by placing them in a slideshow carousel. Let your imagination soar!

4. Longer Pages

As shoppers have fallen in love with mobile devices, they’ve gotten used to the ease of scrolling vertically for more information instead of clicking away to another page. The ergonomic appeal of this approach is leading today’s web designers to prefer long-page (or even single-page) designs, with optional buttons so viewers can zip straight to their desired content. The result is a site that is uniquely easy to read and explore, which can lead to higher retention and conversion rates.

Web design

Long, scrollable web pages fit mobile devices like a glove.

5. The Website as Storyteller

Many web designs in 2015 feature some sort of dynamic storytelling technique that gets the viewer interacting with the site to reveal one part of its message after another. Animation figures prominently in online storytelling. Parallax design, for instance, is an old staple of video game technology that has found its way onto the Web. In this type of design, the “landscape” of the story reveals itself as the viewer scrolls the screen from side to side (or, in some cases, from top to bottom). This effect has evolved into a wide range of dynamic business web design options.

Give these innovations some serious thought for your own business web design if you want 2015 to be a banner year for your organization’s online success. Check out this white paper for more web redesign insights!

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