4 Forward-Thinking Ways To Move Your Social Strategy Past Likes And Followers

Move Your Social Strategy Forward

Social media marketing is a great way to expose people to who your company is and what they provide. The old social media strategy was to get as many people as possible to follow you on Twitter or like you on Facebook. However, most businesses these days realize that merely having someone follow you is not enough.

Social Media Should Produce A Buzz Around Your Brand

The number of Twitter followers your company has is just a number. Marketing directors need to find ways to convert followers into customers who spend money. What you need to do is provide a positive customer experience. Customers who have a good experience will tell their friends about it.

Imagine how powerful your brand would be if all 127,562 of your Twitter followers gave your product a glowing review. Wouldn’t you want to try a product that thousands of people were buzzing about? Your product could become the next big thing in America. Who says you can’t turn your product into the next Coke or Facebook?

Understand That People Are Influenced By Their Friends And Family

A good marketing campaign can increase sales all on its own. However, your customers are more likely to be influenced by people they know. Someone may buy a car because their friend bought it and liked it. A brand of clothing may become popular because everyone at school is wearing it.

Advertisers need to understand that most consumers are influenced by those around them. It doesn’t matter to an individual consumer if 1,000 people like a certain brand of shoe on Facebook. What matters to an individual is if their best friend likes that brand of shoe. What do their parents think about those shoes?

A teenager may like something simply because they know their parents don’t approve. Someone in their 60’s may buy an apple because their grandchild said it was a good investment. Marketers should hone in on these relationships when marketing through social channels.

Ask Your Customers To Market For You

It is important to ask your customers what they think about a certain marketing effort. In fact, you can let your customers design an advertisement themselves. Marketing directors should take advantage of the fact that customers want to be involved in this aspect of the company.

They will provide valuable input and focus testing without having to be paid for it. People always want to be connected to something. Helping out with a new advertisement allows people to do this. A company can then identify its most devoted customers. One idea is to ask people to submit a video highlighting an idea for a new jingle. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube where other people can vote and critique the entries.

Starting an affiliate marketing program for your company is another great way to get your customers to market for you. They will be motivated to tell their friends about your products if they get paid to do so. Paying customers to be affiliates saves money in the long run while increasing sales. You don’t have to pay for advertising and more sales equals more revenue.

Look For Trends And Patterns

Use Social Media Management Tools to analyze what people are saying about your company. Figure out what words and phrases draw the most likes and followers to your social media page. This will help you understand what your customers are thinking and feeling about your company at any given moment. Understanding how customers think will help your marketing team fine tune their advertising pitch.

Tools can also help determine when your social media traffic is highest. This is important because you want to put out messages when more people can see them. Announcing a shoe sale on Saturday isn’t going to be effective if you put out the message during a slow traffic time. There are also fewer people to pass on the message.

Your social media strategy needs to be focused on your customers. What do they want? How can the marketing team identify and exploit personal relationships between customers? Allow the customer to use the social media platform to feel involved when it comes to marketing strategy. Including your customers allows them to take ownership in the brand. They will become loyal customers who will influence others to buy that brand as well.

Are you ready to take your social strategy to the next level?

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